Rescue fruit snacks

Rescue fruit snacks

Fruit for kids

In a world of ultra-processed food we are passionate about creating healthy food packed with natural fruit to make it easier for kids and families to eat better together. Our fun-sized, longer lasting products are brimming with fruit from bite-size snacks enjoyed on the go, cereal toppings to supercharge breakfasts, fruit pieces to add into pancakes, baking or smoothies. Fun and innovative ways to pack more healthy fruit into busy lifestyles.

The Squished story

It all started with David’s frustration of seeing dedicated teams of berry growers working round the clock to plant, grow and tend to the soft fruit crops on his farm, only to have orders cancelled at the last minute and perfect fruit getting thrown away and wasted.  He sought out a solution with his friend Paul and together they founded Squished as the first brand in The Chichester Food & Drink Co. family. 

This initially stretched their imagination and resolve, but has succeeded thanks to their passion to make a difference and ensure ‘No berry is left behind!’  Since Squished started they have rescued thousands of kilos of berries and apples that would otherwise have gone to waste, making super-tasty, berry-tastic fruit-filled snacks for kids and families to enjoy

Fruit for good

Berries rescued from the fruit farm

= happy farmers

Tasty, healthy, longer lasting sustainable snacks

= happy families

No berries go to waste

= happy planet

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