Our Mission

Proudly produced in the UK
Air-dried in sunny West Sussex and working alongside local growers to keep all food miles to a matter of metres. Supporting UK growers with an additional revenue stream for their surplus.



In order to guarantee continuity of supply, Farmers are required to grow an additional 25% to combat fluctuating weather and the effects of pests and diseases, which means that surplus production is an everyday event. Throwing away perfect fresh food wastes both the physical item, as well as all the labour, power, water, effort, love and transport that has gone into producing it.



Fruit for


In a world of ultra-processed our products stand out as being simple and healthy, no added sugar just 100% air-dried fruit. Our products and ingredients are packed with flavour, fibre and nature’s natural sweetness.

Sustainable Ingredients
Working closely with The Summer Berry Co. to share their greener energy plant and reduce our footprint further.


Fruit for


Fed up with trying to get your kids to snack healthily… We create innovative new products, brimming with fruit from bite size snacks to cereal toppings to supercharge their breakfasts, add into pancakes, baking or smoothies. Fun and innovative ways to pack more healthy fruit into their diet.


1.3 billion tonnes*

The amount of food that is wasted globally each year.

We want to cut food waste right across our food system and make it more sustainable. To date we have saved more than 140 tonnes of surplus fruit saving 275,000 kilos of CO2 but we can and will do more…

*This is one third of all food produced for human consumption, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. In the UK, we throw away 6.4 million tonnes of household food waste a year, almost three quarters is food we could have eaten.