About us

Our story

Chichester Food & Drink Co. was originally founded by Paul and David who remain determined to change the food industry one berry at a time and create a more sustainable future for farmers, food manufacturers and consumers.

Driven by the desire to avoid these hard grown berries going to waste they will stop at nothing to create fruit filled food that allows everyone to eat well whilst supporting farmers.

Their quest continues… determined to make it easier for consumers and manufacturers to champion surplus, sustainable and natural ingredients which not only taste better but ARE better for you and the planet.

Our team

Our team is fanatical about fruit; we come from a mix of fruit growers, food producers, finance, front line food rescuers and sales backgrounds united to use surplus fruit for good.  Based at the Bungalow on the Fruit Farm, we are excited to be creating genuinely sustainable ingredients to help everyone eat better and do better.

Paul McCulloch
Co-Founder, Strategy & Finance
David Kay
Co-Founder, Fruit Rescue and Manufacturing Sales
Danny Elsom
Kieran Lane
Production & Technical
Sarah Morison
Marketing and Retail Sales

Our process


Working in partnership with local growers we rescue Grade A fruit from farms that would otherwise be wasted. We provide a valuable revenue stream for their surplus fruit, reducing food waste and protecting our planet.


Our pioneering air-drying process, ‘stops the clock’ to remove almost all of the water, extending its shelf life to 12 months and creating high quality fruit ingredients. The air-drying process preserves and intensifies the natural full fruit flavour.


Our innovative team  are obsessed with transforming surplus fruit into delicious, healthy and sustainable fruit snacks and pure ingredients that will keep you and the planet going for longer.

Our factory

We have built and operate our own factory which houses state-of-the-art drying rooms and technology that ensures that  every part of the preserving process is optimised to capture and intensify the natural flavours of each fruit and create products that perform consistently, time after time. 

The drying rooms create a controlled environment where heat, humidity & air flow are precisely regulated allowing the fruit to gently dry over an extended period, which maintains more of their natural oils and flavours than is achieved with more aggressive high speed processes. Our team directly manage the whole process, from sourcing the fruit to packing the final product with a passion and attention to detail that we are very proud of.

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