100% Real Fruit

no added sugar

Sustainably Sourced

supporting farmers

Rescuing Fruit

cutting food waste

Intense Flavours

captured and preserved

Air-dried Locally

in sunny West Sussex

A little about us

Sourcing quality
fresh produce

Since 2021, The Chichester Food & Drink Company has worked with growers to help them save hundreds of tons of perfectly good produce that would otherwise have been wasted. Our air-drying technology has been developed to preserve this surplus, so that it can be made into: 

high quality, intensely flavoured ingredients and food that keep you and the planet going for longer.

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Our air-dried fruit ingredients are key to our 3 food brands; 

RESQ, ingredients, supplying pure fruit ingredients direct to the consumer and in volume to the food and catering industry.

NICE SLICE, reducing food waste in the drinks market with our dried citrus slices enjoyed by those in hospitality as well as customers at home.

Squished, our consumer brand selling healthy fruit snacks to kids, and families that care.

In order to guarantee continuity of supply, farmers are required to grow an additional 25% to combat fluctuating weather and the effects of pests and diseases, which means that surplus production is an everyday event. Throwing away perfect fresh food wastes both the physical item, as well as all the labour, power, water, effort, love and transport that has gone into producing it.

Based on a local Sussex fruit farm

Perfectly placed to rescue surplus Grade A fruit straight from the farm and other growers

Working responsibly with our local networks

Rescuing surplus fruit provides valuable revenue back to our network of growers

Fully scalable to enable rapid growth

Our network of growers enables us to source large volumes of fruit and our factory facilitates this growth

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Simply add a perfectly preserved slice, let it infuse and add zing to any drink!

Simply add a perfectly preserved slice, let it infuse and add zing to any drink!

Rescue fruit snacks

Rescue fruit snacks

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